Monday, February 1, 2010



A full-length studio session for any dynamic duo with photographer Bradley Walker. From his studio in Brooklyn, Bradley will shoot a full session, either of yourself alone, or with the love of your life.

Actual Value $400

Bid in increments of $25, please.

"Photographers of all kinds aim to capture moments of impermanence: water tumbling over the falls, a bird stretching its wings, a flower unfolding. To me, a portrait doesn't only capture what a person looked like in that impermanent moment, but also conveys the story and the emotion behind it. A great portrait comes from more than just an understanding of photography. It's found in the details: the second before a laugh; as an old memory is recalled; as a groom sees his bride appear at the top of the aisle. These moments convey more than a "pretty picture." They give a viewer the true feeling of the moment. Capturing this moment, that little bit of impermanence, is what I strive for in portraiture." -- Bradley Walker

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